All commercial kitchens with cooking equipment over certain capacities require exhaust ventilation to help locally isolate cooking fumes and prevent it’s dispersion throughout your kitchen. Clearly it is important to prevent oil & fat build-up on nearby surfaces as well as to prevent cooking fumes escaping into adjacent hallways or rooms. Additionally it is a requirement that if your kitchen draws exhaust air from an air conditioned space (ie: draws air from your air conditioned restaurant floor) that a make-up supply system is provided. This is needed because there is generally a significant volume of air being exhausted through a kitchen exhaust hood, with this air being air conditioned. When large volumes of conditioned air are removed from the space in a circumstance such as this, the indoor fan coil unit will struggle to maintain correct temperature conditions hence affecting occupant comfort. A make-up supply system elmiates this problem by introducing outdoor air directly into the kitchen at low velocity, therefore the conditioned space remains a comfortable place to be.

AAA boasts a skill-set that can design & select equipment, manufacture & install a kitchen exhaust ventilation system to comply with the relevant Building Code of Australia requirements & Australian Standards. AAA can confidently apply its knowledge & experience within this area to provide you with a fully compliant system that can not only meet the applicable standards but exceed them based on your requirements.

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