Any air conditioning system whether it be a domestic ducted system or a large scale commercial project requires some type of medium for air to reticulate into its respective zones. Primarily this is done via ductwork, in particular galvanised sheet metal ductwork.

AAA comes complete with a sheet metal manufacturing workshop, with apprentices & fully qualified manufacturing specialists to create ductwork to suit any application of which all shapes & sizes are catered for. At this time in Australia there is a major focus on energy efficiency. This focus has driven the use of internal and external ductwork insulation to prevent the loss of cold and heat energy from the air-stream into the surrounding environment. At our workshop we have the facilities & expertise to insulate such ductwork to a level of quality unmatched in our region.

Not only do we specialise in ductwork, but we are also capable of manufacturing any steel product to your specifications. Items such as galvanised cages using thin gauge steel to thick gauge steel vibration isolation mounts are all within our team’s skill-set.

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