Approx Mechanical Services Cost: $700 000

Coffs Harbour Airport, Chiller Upgrade – Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

With the expected end of the existing chiller systems life, 2010 saw the replacement of old for new of which AAA was the principal contractor for works completed. This project symbolised a big step forward in the capabilities of AAA within the Air Conditioning industry, as it worked through many obstacles to provide the Coffs Harbour community with a new fully functioning chiller system.

Due to the site being within close proximity of the ocean, there was a major focus on durability. Stainless steel items & equipment enclosures were a must with corrosion resistant treatment also being a feature. The new system comprises of a new frictionless magnetic chiller, complete with chilled and condenser water pumps & pipe-work, two large outdoor condensers, dosing pots & an “Innotech” controls system.

Essentially this system replacement has been done by providing a self modulating chiller system that puts on display significant energy saving features that will be a relief to the community’s energy bill.

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