Approx Mechanical Services Cost: $280 000

Acmena Juvenile Justice Centre (AJJC), Alterations & Additions – Swallow Rd, Grafton NSW 2460

2010 saw the completion of a new extension to the existing AJJC, increasing the centres sleeping capacity by 30 quarters and additional providing areas for daily activities and learning.

The installation of a new” Mitsubishi Electric” Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) system was provided throughout to cater for the buildings heating & cooling requirements. A centrally controlled system that includes enclosed plant rooms within the buildings ceiling void provides simultaneous heating and cooling throughout the conditioned zones. A major feature of this installation for AAA is the quality of workmanship displayed within the plant rooms themselves.

Whilst hidden from view (except when in the plant rooms themselves), everything from ductwork, pipe work, drains & unit mountings has completed at the highest quality possible. The outcome of this project is a tribute to the standard of work AAA applies to any project.

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