“I would like to congratulate you on your professional, competent, friendly and efficient team.

Leon quickly guided us to the right unit to install. He had answers to all our questions and gave us a well informed and balanced quote with promise of installation at a specific date, which was promptly fulfilled.

My wife and I were mighty impressed with your installation crew. They arrived well prepared, with all equipment on board, and were respectful about our home – shoes on, shoes off, and they moved quickly, but gently inside and the assembly of the unit just unfolded in front of my eyes, seemingly effortless and with precision. I was amazed at the technical knowledge, the good teamwork and the great workmanship.

Lloyd, Luke and Josh all were great, – competent, gentle, professional and friendly.

Troy came late on the second day and finished all the electrical parts and he was also a good team member.

We are also over the moon about our new air conditioner, so efficient, quiet and our home is now perfect for summer.”

Many thanks,

Greetings from happy customer
Margaret and Lars

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